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2021/2022 LMSA Meeting Schedule

The Lake Mitchell Sewer Authority meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m.  The meetings are open to all members of the public under the Michigan's Open Meeting Act. The meetings are held at the Lake Mitchell Sewer Authority Office, 3161 South Lake Mitchell Drive, Cadillac, MI.   Please note:  Meeting dates do change from time-to-time.  You may call the LMSA office during normal business hours at 231-775-0155 to confirm if the meeting date/time has been canceled or changed.

2021/2022 Regular Meeting Schedule:

July 20, 2021     August 17, 2021     September 21, 2021     October 19, 2021     November 16, 2021     December 21, 2021     January 18, 2022     February 15, 2022     March 15, 2022     April 19, 2022     May 17, 2022     June 21, 2022

Lake Mitchell Sewer Authority Board Members

Robert Hilty, Chairman
Mike Boyd, Vice-Chair
Steve Kitler, Secretary
Keith Kerry
Garry Pullen

Contact Information
3161 South Lake Mitchell Drive
Cadillac, MI 49601
(231) 775-0155

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